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March 6, 2012

Mickey Rourke Blasts "Moneyball"

A few weeks back, on the eve of the Academy Awards, there was news (for some reason) that Lady Gaga was a fan of "Moneyball".

And because this is how random the world we live in is now, Mickey Rourke decided to share his thoughts on the Oscar nominated movie.

This...according to the Thirty Mile Zone:

Rourke was leaving the gym in L.A. yesterday when he joked about using the movie as a torture device..."I'm gonna tie you to a chair and make you watch 'Moneyball' all f*cking night."

Now, until dude can explain why he willingly paid someone to cut his face into a shape that looks like it got beat with a bag of fungoes, I really don't care what Randy "The Ram" Robinson thinks about anything.

So, naturally, I reached out to my buddy Casey Bond (he played pitcher Chad Bradford in the film) to see what he had to say and, wisely, he declined to comment.

Smart man.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mickey Rourke just needs to go away.