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March 12, 2012

More Baseball Movies for Josh Reddick to Avoid

According to the Boston Herald, former Red Sox outfielder Josh Reddick knew nothing about the Oakland A's when he was traded this offseason.

So what did he do?  He did exactly what every 25-year-old male would do...he turned to movies.  That's right, dude apparently watched "Moneyball" on his flight out West to expand his knowledge.

Was it helpful?

"Not really," the outfielder said. 

Now, not to rain on Reddick's parade, but if he's looking for baseball realism on his laptop when flying cross country, there is better source material than "Moneyball"...six Oscar nominations or not, the movie is littered with errors.

That said, here are some more baseball movies that he might want to avoid and why.

"The Stratton Story" (1949)
In Monte Stratton's 1934 pitching debut versus the New York Yankees, Joe DiMaggio is shown circling the bases in stock footage. Two problems, DiMaggio didn't debut himself until 1936 and Stratton...well, he first took the mound against the Detroit Tigers.

"The Winning Team" (1952)
In "The Winning Team", Grover Cleveland Alexander (played by Ronald Reagan) is shown leading the Phillies to the pennant in 1916.  The correct year was 1915.

"Fear Strikes Out" (1957)
In "Fear Strikes Out", Hall of Famer Joe Cronin was not the manager of the Red Sox when Jimmy Piersall played. Mike "Pinky" Higgins was. Cronin was the General Manager.

"Field of Dreams" (1989)
Not only was "Shoeless" Joe Jackson incorrectly shown as being a right-handed batter, he was also shown as being a left-handed thrower.  In real life, the outfielder batted left and threw right.

"The Babe" (1992)
When Babe Ruth calls his shot at Wrigley Field during the 1932 World Series, you can see the famed ivy on the bleacher walls. Unfortuantely, the ivy wasn't planted until 1937.

"The Rookie" (2002)
Several of the players shown in the movie were not with their respective team at the time Jim Morris made his big league debut.  Most notably...Alex Rodriguez.  The slugger was still hitting home runs in Seattle in September 1999.

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Anonymous said...

The Winning Team - had archival footage of Mickey Mantle at bat. The Mick wasn't born when Grover Cleveland Alexander played!