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March 23, 2012

This Week in Baseball Cards: March 23

Do you think Jamie Moyer, pushing 50 and still a viable candidate for the Rockies starting rotation, is shaming some 40-year-old whipper-snappers who were thinking about retirement

Here's Bo Rosny with This Week in Baseball Cards!

First Chipper Jones says he was “kidding” when he was talking about retirement and a week later...he was done.

Now Andy Pettitte has come out of retirement to rejoin the Yankees.

Another guy of the same age group who probably feels embarrassed is former Rangers pitcher John Dettmer. Not because he’s retired...he hasn’t pitched in the majors since sporting a 27.00 ERA in 1995. No, it’s because Dettmer’s alma mater, Missouri, lost it’s opening round NCAA game, busting the brackets of quite a few Major Leaguers!

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