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March 12, 2012

Tommy Lasorda Kills Off Former Dodger

It wasn't that long ago that paying attention to Tommy Lasorda's Twitter feed was a daily requirement.  I think it's time to re-visit that stance.

Today, the former long-time Los Angeles Dodgers skipper killed off Jim Wynn.

Happy birthday to Raul Mondesi, 2004 HR hero Steve Finley, Darryl Strawberry, and Jimmy Wynn who would have been 70 years old today.

Problem is, you guessed it, the diminutive outfielder (and former Dodger!) is still among the living.

It has come to my attention that Jimmy Wynn is not dead. Sorry for the error. Hey, not even Babe Ruth batted 1.000.

This whole thing is funny to me for two reasons. 

One.  It reminds me that, as I said, I need to pay closer attention to Lasorda's Twitter feed.  That's a given.

Two.  Not only was Wynn the Dodgers every day centerfielder in 1974 and 1975 when Lasorda was the team's third base coach, he scored 184 runs.  Meaning, only Davey Lopes (and his 203 runs scored) saw Lasorda more while rounding third and heading home.

But, hey, not even Babe Ruth batted 1.000, right? 

On the flip side, though, when it comes to life and death...I'd actually prefer a higher percentage than the .342 career average Ruth carried.