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April 13, 2012

Brian Wilson Has a Message for You

I'm not sure what evidence there was to support this previously, but I'm pretty sure Brian Wilson is officially turning his body into a college dorm room.

Yup, the San Francisco Giants closer now has a tattoo of Johnny Cash flipping the bid on his calf.  You know the's hanging on the wall of every rebelous hipster across the country.

Sure, it's said to be "in remarkable detail", but c'mon B-Weez, mix in a t-shirt or a poster...there's no reason to get Cash's finger flippage put on your body.

And now, a quick history lesson about Wilson's new ink.

The photo itself was shot during a soundcheck at Cash's iconic 1970 concert at California’s San Quentin prison by photographer Jim Marshall.  The pose was the result of Cash’s response to the request “John, let’s do a shot for the warden”.

Okay, okay...maybe the tattoo is a little awesome.

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