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April 17, 2012

Greg Swindell on Brian Wilson: "He is done"

While it isn't yet official that he needs the surgery, Brian Wilson said Sunday that he was leaning toward having another Tommy John surgery on his ailing right elbow.

Wait, another surgery?

That's right, the San Francisco Giants closer went under the knife in 2003 while still in college and while he bounced back from that one...what are the odds of returning after a second such operation?

Well...that's a beard of a different color and it has many voicing their opinions.

And Monday night, former big league pitcher Greg Swindell hit the Twitters to voice his.

No maybe he will shave the beard and crawl into his shell. No way prob will make him feel more important. Which he is not. He is done. DONE

Now, I'm not sure what the one-time All-Star is basing his diagnosis on, considering he never had the surgery, but at least Wilson is a little more optimistic.

"It’s the mental part that can be overbearing, but you know what? I’ve done it once. Do it again. That’s the case," Wilson told reporters Sunday.

Something tells me this story is long from over...and that Wilson will keep his now-signature black beard.

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Anonymous said...

I believe he will be back in full force by the all star game next year. He has to much hart and fight in him to not give it one hell of a try>>BK