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April 20, 2012

Jose Canseco is Back in Baseball...Again

I've said it before and I'ma say it again...I can't seem to quit Jose Canseco.  Sersiously, the guy hasn't picked up a bat and swung at Major League pitching in more than a decade, yet, every day, he's making headlines.

Friday morning was no different.

Apparently, the Worcester Tornadoes are the latest team to buy into the hype.  They signed the 47-year-old slugger to a one-year contract.

"We expect Jose to bring a lot of excitement to Hanover Insurance Park at Fitton Field," said Tornadoes General Manager Jorg Bassiacos. "He brings vast, high-level Major League experience to the team and we expect him to be a very strong contributor. We are looking forward to a very successful season."

I get's a publicity stunt, and the Tornadoes will find themselves in the news.  But let's not confuse that with "success" on the field.

Last season, while the former American League MVP was playing for and managing the Yuma Scorpions he'd send his brother out in his place (allegedly), once put himself in as his team's starting pitcher, brought in octogenarian Tony Phillips and, ultimately, threatened to sue the franchise.

I suppose all of that is better than trolling for ass on Twitter though, right?

Best of luck to all!

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