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April 9, 2012

Jose Canseco Tweeted His Cell Number...Again

We've all seen the "never give out your personal information" disclaimers, right?

Turns out...Jose Canseco has no use for them.

@TNADixie call me would love to do something with tna 8189036598

That's right, the embattled former big leaguer has hit the Twitters and tweeted (he's since taken it down) his phone number.  Again.

Yes, dude has done it beforeTwice.

But, here's the tweeting his phone number to the President of Impact Wrestling the worst career move for the one-time American League MVP?

Sure, he's going to get a ton of prank calls (for the record, I have yet to test it), but with more than 430,000 followers, he's bound to find SOMEONE that might have some steady work for him, right?


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