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May 30, 2012

Better Than a Bryce Harper Fathead? Probably

Sure, it's not exactly "Fernandomania", but the hype surrounding Washington Nationals rookie sensation Bryce Harper is still a huge deal.

How big?  Check out the email Sarah Kogod at The Washington Post received.

I live in an apartment building with two of my buddies. The one, like me, loves Harper. The other is an O's fan and cannot stand him. Well his birthday is coming up and we decided to give him a present. We aren't supposed to paint our walls living in an apartment but that's exactly what we decided to do. So Friday while he was at work we came up with the Harper mural attached in the email and painted it while he was at work. Let's just say he was pretty surprised when he came home. He didn't even get too upset because it was priceless.

And, naturally, here's the "mural".

But, before you put paint to wall, isn't there a better way to profess your love for the DC wunderkind?

The short answer.  No.  You can't.

Matter of fact, if you head over to, hammer out "Bryce Harper" you're going to get the same result you would if you walked into your nearest sporting goods store and asked for a lifesized visage of the 19-year-old superstar.

I've got a feeling Fathead will remedy this soon.  I mean, if you can get Cameron Maybin decor...something tells me Bryce Harper is in the queue.

1 comment:

Fathead said...

Man, you guys are good! Talk about perfect timing...Let's try Fathead search results for "Bryce Harper" one more time:

That's better! Now they can put a face to the name on their wall...