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May 30, 2012

The Bryce Harper Fathead Has Arrived!

I'm pretty sure I had nothing to do with this, but, naturally...I'll gladly take credit.

Early Wednesday, after reading about some over zealous Washington Nationals fans spray painting their love for Bryce Harper on their apartment wall I wrote this:

But, before you put paint to wall, isn't there a better way to profess your love for the DC wunderkind?

The short answer. No. You can't.

I've got a feeling Fathead will remedy this soon.

And they did.  Later Wednesday's a comment I received.  From Fathead.

Man, you guys are good! Talk about perfect timing...Let's try Fathead search results for "Bryce Harper" one more time:  That's better! Now they can put a face to the name on their wall...


Now, if anyone else is out there in the interwebs paying attention...I'm got some other requests.  Just drop me an email and let's talk!

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