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May 4, 2012

"Buckner Ball" Fetches $418,250

Last week at this time, the question wasn't "how much" the famed "Buckner Ball" would sell was "if" it would sell at all.

Today...we have an answer to both.

Heritage Auctions says the ball that helped the New York Mets win the 1986 World Series was sold Friday in Dallas to a buyer who wants to remain anonymous. The sale price...$418,250.

"(It) came as a real surprise," the ball's now-former owner Seth Swirsky said.  "It was a true honor to have the privilege of being the caretaker of this storied piece of baseball folklore for the past 12 years."

Following that fateful Game Six, an umpire gave the ball to Mets executive Arthur Richman. In 1992, actor Charlie Sheen bought it for more than $93,000. Swirsky purchased it for nearly $64,000 in 2000.

You can check out the rest of what Swirsky is auctioning off by clicking this link!

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Anonymous said...

Every time the ball is sold, Buckner claims that the real ball is in his safe.