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May 22, 2012

Caleb Lloyd...The Accidental Ballhawk

Right place.  Right time.  Twice.

That about sums up the night Cincinnati Reds fan Caleb Lloyd had Monday at Great American Ball Park.  But what exactly did the 20-year-old college student do?

Dude only caught back-to-back home runs in the fourth inning as his Reds knocked off the Atlanta Braves.

"I was blessed to catch both of them," the Cincinnati native told annoucers during the game.  "I couldn't believe. Right now, I can't believe it's happened. It's some kind of dream."

I couldn't agree more...but how did that dream come about?

"The first one, I actually barehanded.  I caught it and it like bounced off the palm of my hand, and I just reached out and grabbed it," Lloyd said.  "The second one bounced behind me and bounced right into my lap."

Naturally, I had to ask my buddy, fellow baseball fan, ballhawk and author Zack Hample what he thought of Lloyd's accomplishment.

"There's really not much to say. It's was just an oddity of probability and statistics, and he got incredibly lucky," Hample said.  "There were lots of fans around him, and he played the ricochets well.  Baseball is beautiful and weird/awesome things happen all the time...I'm happy for him."

But, the big question is...would Hample have been able to pull off the feat?
"If I were at this game, I wouldn't have snagged either ball because I would've been sitting several rows back where it was emptier," the author of Watching Baseball Smarter responded.  "Funny how things work."

Anyway you slice it, Lloyd's night was pretty incredible.  As incredible as, say, what Tim Anderson pulled off last season...that's not up to me to determine.


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