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May 11, 2012

Derek Jeter..."Survivor" Fan

When the finale of "Survivor: One World" hits the air Sunday night, it's possible that the show's host, Jeff Probst, might not be the most popular guy in the room.

That is, of course, if New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter makes good on a promise he made to one of the contestants back in Spring Training.

You see, one of the shows contestants, Troy "Troyzan" Robertson is a professional photographer and before the season started, he bumped into the Yankees captain.

"He just ran up to me and said, dude I'm watching the show and it's frickin' crazy! And I was like what?" Robertson told reporters after getting voted off.  "He walks right off the field, and I was like...really?  And he was like, yeah I have my family watching it, but don't tell me what happened last night because I haven't seen it yet!"

But it didn't stop there.

"He said he wanted to go to the finale if he wasn't working.  He said I'll be there if I don't have to work," Robertson continued.  "I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he may actually want to go."

Well, Robertson (and the rest of the "Survivor" cast for that matter) might just be in luck.  The Yankees are scheduled for a 1:05pm EST start Sunday against the Seattle Mariners...and the "Survivor: One World" finale doesn't start until 8:00pm EST.

Fingers.  Crossed.

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