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May 25, 2012

Former Cards Slugger Critical of "LaRussa's Regime"

Former St. Louis Cardinals slugger Jack Clark is nothing if not outspoken.

In the past couple of years, "Jack the Ripper" was ousted from his gig with Fox Sports Midwest for, alledgedly, calling his former team quitters.  Not long after, he publicly blasted steroid users, calling them "creeps"...saying they have no place in baseball.

So, when Clark joined the boys over at Joe Sports Fan for their weekly podcast, it should come as no surprise that he ripped (see what I did there?) the "LaRussa Regime".

In a nutshell, Clark (who now works with KTRS in St. Louis) is critical of LaRussa for not allowing any of the 80s Cardinals players to associate with his squad, firing longtime team personnel and hiding steroid use by bringing in his own medical staff.

Tony was responsible for a lot of the cheating that went on.  And, as a result, he hid it with his own medical people.

I've gotta hand it to Matt Sebek and Josh Bacott for getting "the Ripper" to open up.  Sure, Clark is never really shy, at out call one of the game's greatest managers a liar.


Click below to be taken away to a land of wonderfulness!  The juiciest stuff starts at the 33:30 mark. 


Anonymous said...

As a 60+ year old avid baseball fan,I completely agree with Clarke.
There's no way that Tony did not know about the steroid use! Then,
to top it all off, He makes Mcquire
the hitting instructor in 2011. I see no use for cheaters in MLB, players who used 'em as well as managers/coaches who knew about it.
As for the ** beside their name in the record books; I would not even recognise them much less vote 'em into the Hall of Fame. MLB has enough of these cheaters today.....go ahead and start up a "HALL OF SHAME" with these names.
Maybe that will help future young players coming up,see that it's not worth being dishonest and using illegal drugs to enhance their performance on the field. Just like LaRussa and others when we look the other way, we will eventually destroy the "game" itself. Then, it's shame on us all.

john w. said...

Thank you TLR for three WS appearances, 5 NLCS appearances, and earning the honor of having #10retired. Clarke.... thanks for nothing.