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May 25, 2012

The St. Louis Streaker is on Twitter

By now you've seen video of the flapping ding dong that raced across Busch Stadium Thursday night.

Unless, of course, you got your news from KSDK who, for some reason...added cargo shorts to the St. Louis Streaker. 

***UPDATE: According to Punching Kitty, the photos weren't Photoshopped, dude was given shorts. The videos don’t show that however.***

But here's my favorite part of the whole ordeal, the streaker (real name...Collin Grundstrom) is on Twitter.

Okay, okay...that's probably not really the guy's account, but this one is

Oh, and Grundstrom's last, and probably the most prophetic thing he's ever written.

Just deactivated my facebook

Probably a good idea.

Something tells me that when this thing is all said and done...Grundstrom won't get the same love that scrappy squirrel did last season.

Hakuna matata, bruh.

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