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June 12, 2012

Baseball + Food Trucks = Good Times

This might just be my smalltown mentality, but food trucks are still those shady RVs that camp outside bars at two in the morning to feed creatures of the night day old pizza, right?

Yes?  No?!?

Okay, okay...I know they aren't.  But let's pretend they are.  Does that mean that the San Francisco Giants are marketing themselves to drunks and stoners now?

It sure looks that way.

This Wednesday, the Giants will be hosting a first food truck event prior to the team taking on the Houston Astros. 

It's really a cool idea if you think about it.  You get to sample some great eats (all for a good cause) before taking your seat in one of my favorite ballparks and watch the Giants beat the Astros.

And, hey, memo to's no such thing as a "first annual" anything.

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