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June 6, 2012

Buy Barry Bonds' Old Bike

While home run king Barry Bonds might be "sad" if he isn't inducted into the Hall of Fame in thirteen months, there's no telling what his emotional state would be don't buy his old bike!

See, now isn't that far more exciting than "Buy Barry Bonds' Old Bike"?

Anyway...someone is trying to sell Barry Bonds' old bike on eBay.

Please read everything before buying. SHIPPING IS FREE IF YOU BUY THE BIKE AT THE BIN PRICE OF 8800 IF NOT SHIPPING IS 135 dollars. This is a Pinarello Dogma size 59.5 with 175 dura ace compact cranks. Bike has fulcrum racing zero wheels.Everything is top dollar on this bike! Dura ace di2. Ridden very little by Barry Bonds. He decided to upgrade to the Campy EPS model. It almost looks new!


So, if you like bikes and baseball, this might be the deal for you. But, if you just like baseball and dudes sitting on things with wheels can get this picture of Roy Campanella in a wheelchair for a fraction of the cost!

True story. 

I don't know a lick about bikes, so I have no clue as to whether or nine grand for a set of wheels is good or not.  I bought my bike for $2.50 at a police auction in 2003 and that's after no one jumped at the opening bid of $5.00. 

Fact is, the lock costs almost three times what I paid for it.

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