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June 15, 2012

Canseco Not Leaving Team..."Is a Warrior"

Depending on who (and what website) you pay attention to, Jose Canseco's stint (stunt?) with the Worcester Tornadoes might be over.

You see, Cameron Monger, one of the former big leaguer's teammates, tweeted the following early Friday morning:

Monger has since deleted the tweet, but, didn't disappear from the internets.  So what does that the former American League MVP staying or leaving?!?

Just as confused as you...I did what I always do.  I reached out to friend of The Hall, Canseco's agent, Jose Melendez.

"No he is not leaving the team. He has had some nagging serious injuries and the team wants him to heal," Melendez explained to me.  "Jose is stubborn and still playing hurt and will continue to play because that what he loves to do. He is a warrior."

I can't blame Canseco for time off honestly.  Dude turns 48 in a couple of weeks and in 64 at bats, he's hitting just .188 with 21 strikeouts.

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