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June 14, 2012

Charlie Manuel Reads Tweets...Hilarity Ensues

The MLB FanCave has had a number of big name guests so far this baseball season, but few have been as entertaining as Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel.

And since the 68-year-old skipper has “no idea what Twitter is” it was good that he brought the team’s most active tweeter, Shane Victorino, with him to help him read some of his player’s tweets.

One cat who got to witness the hilarity up close and personal was MLB FanCave dweller Gordon Mack.

Meeting Charlie and Shane was unreal, especially Charlie. Not many fans get the opportunity to talk baseball with their favorite manger.” the 24-year-old Phillies fan said.  Charlie was hilarious with his stories from his playing days, and it was fun to chat with him about mound visits and umpire chats as would imagine.”

And while Manuel struggled with the tweets from current Phils Jimmy Rollins, John Mayberry Jr., Hunter Pence and, of course, Victorino…Mack has his thoughts as to what five former Phillies he’d like to see on Twitter. 
  • @HarryKalas - a memorial Twitter account to remind us how awesome he was for us
  • @LeeAndHalladayProspects - a group Twitter account for all the young kids that we gave away for Lee and Halladay.
  • @PapelbonThoughts - a Twitter account created to let fans know what Papelbon is thinking every game that could potentially get him thrown out by the umpire.
  • @MikeSchmidt - Why not?
  • @BradLidge - but we would only want to read his first 48 tweets because we can guarantee those tweets will be perfect just like in 2008.
 I couldn’t agree more.  Pound swoooooooosh!

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