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June 6, 2012

Dave Henderson Talks Steroids, Mark McGwire

Oh,'s funny how we still talk about you.

A couple of weeks ago, Jack Clark blasted Tony LaRussa, saying he was "responsible for a lot of the cheating that went on".  Meaning, in a nutshell, the former skipper knew about the rampant steroid use in his clubhouse.

Sour grapes from a former member of the St. Louis Cardinals who was, in his estimation, not allowed to hang out with the club when LaRussa was in charge?  Maybe.

But where there's smoke, there's, well...more validity.

Enter Dave Henderson who played for the LaRussa-led Oakland A's from 1988 to 1993.  The former outfielder recently told the San Jose Mercury News that he, too, knew of steroid use while with the A's.

"I think it was pretty obvious that when a guy gains 40 or 50 pounds of muscle, he is on steroids," the 1991 All-Star said.  "Throughout my career that guys started hitting the ball 20-30 feet farther. It wasn't fair but I couldn't do anything about it."

Henderson also went on to call out former teammates Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco and anyone else who used steroids.

"I think it's pretty simple..none of them get in,'' Henderson said. "If you cheated, you are not a Hall of Famer."

Why anyone would randomly ask Dave Henderson about someone's Hall of Fame credentials is beyond me, but , I suppose, there are only so many times you can talk to dude about the 1986 playoffs, right?


Anonymous said...

If that's all you know is his 86 playoff game where he hit a home run and the pitcher died. Well, yeah, I guess that's all you can ask him.

If you knew more about his history one can ask him about the 88,89 and 90's run the A's did and how the chemistry was between the teams. You can ask him what it was like playing with Dave Stewart, Ricky Henderson and Bob Welch. You could ask him about the 89 earthquake and how that natural disaster affected the outcome of the WS.

If all you know about Dave Henderson is 86 playoffs, than maybe you shouldn't be blogging about baseball.

Jesus Melendez said...

All good suggestions.

However, I don't believe Donnie Moore died instantly after giving up Henderson's home run. Haha.