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June 18, 2012

Dr. Aaron Perlut on HOVG Heroes


If you're even a casual viewer of ESPN's SportsCenter, you unquestionably hear the word "remarkable" needlessly thrown around far too often.

Whether it's a remarkable pitch, a remarkable jump shot, a remarkable pass, or even a remarkable C-section scar on that exotic dancer.

Indeed, remarkable just may be the most overused word or phrase used in the sports vernacular outside of "eight children by nine different wives".

But here's what is, in fact, remarkable: The decades-long reverence that the baseball-loving fans maintain for our heroes of the diamond--specially those who are willing to accept a sexually dynamic Mustached American lifestyle.

Just consider the Lord and Savior of The Hall of  Very Good, one Ross Grimsley and his overpowering 124 lifetime victories and 5.25 ERA. 

Or what of the late catcher Bo Diaz and his dominating .255 batting average?

Or perhaps Pete LaCock the 20th overall pick of the 1970 draft by the Chicago Cubs who went on to slug .257 over nine not-so-forgettable years?

These were men of purpose, men of vigor, men of talent, and of course -- all were truly remarkable men of mustache who paved the way for rugged good looks during an era of baseball that is too often forgotten amongst faux claims of “remarkable”.

My friends, these were, and are, the true Heroes -- HOVG Heroes -- who deserve your reverence and respect as you consider who, and who is not, remarkable in the annals of baseball history.

You're welcome.


Dr. Aaron Perlut is the chairman of The American Mustache Institute and the world's foremost expert on the sexually dynamic Mustached American lifestyle 

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