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June 28, 2012

HOVG Heroes: Bill Buckner


As you’ll read below, Will Johnson is the art world’s definition of a “five-tool player”.  Actually, he’s more than that…he’s Bert Campaneris or Jose Oquendo. 

Dude can literally do it all...and he loves baseball.

"I think the game itself, no matter what level it’s played on, is one of the most incredible inventions of strategy, physics and geometry that humans have come up with," Johnson recently told Modern American Weekly.  "It’s humbling and humanizing.  As Willie Mays said: it’s 'violence under wraps'.  There’s a duality in its flawless simplicity, and consuming, psychological complexities."

One such player that epitomizes all of that is Bill Buckner.

Buckner has been both hero and goat on the field, but let’s not forget that lifetime .289 batting average and 2,715 hits he collected during his twenty-year big league career.


Will Johnson drives a small pickup, is not presently on any medication, writes songs and plays in two bands with some friends that he loves a lot. He’s worked jobs on a farm, in maintenance and janitorial work, in comic book distribution, in a record store, in restaurants, teaching, delivering cars, transporting equipment, renting out tuxedos, making sandwiches and cleaning up radioactive and mercury-contaminated waste.

Most importantly, Johnson loves baseball. He has always loved baseball.  You can check out more of Johnson’s work and find out where he’ll be next over at his website.

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