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June 18, 2012

HOVG Heroes: It Begins

You're in for a treat, gang.  I promise.

Today marks the start of a five week stretch where, each day, a different contributor takes the proverbial stage to present their favorite player...someone they believe is worthy of being in The Hall of Very Good. 

The Hall of Very Good isn't necessarily about the best players out there (as you'll find out), it's all about the guys who made you a fan of this game that we all love.  Dave Parker, Steve Garvey, Boog Powell, David Eckstein (yes, David Eckstein!) and a host of others will be showcased each day for the next month.

And who is on board providing these gems?  You'll have to visit the site each day to find out.

At the conclusion of this five week exercise in awesomeness, we’ll actually be inducting someone into The Hall of Very Good.  Yes, in just over a month, there will be, officially, an inaugural member of The Hall of Very Good.

Who is it?  The picture below is the only hint you'll be getting until his name is revealed July 18.

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