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June 9, 2012

NBA All-Star Joins the Bleacher Creatures

"Bald Vinny" and the famed Yankee Stadium "Bleacher Creatures" were joined by a pretty big fan Friday night. 


Right before the New York Yankees squared off against the New York Mets, Cleveland Cavaliers forward Antawn Jamison took part in the famous roll call.  And at 6'9"...he was probably the tallest cat in Section 203.

But the NBA All-Star isn't the only big name to have made his way to the bleachers in recent years.

According to my buddy, "Bleacher Creatures" leader "Bald Vinny" Milano...there have been a few names of note, including director Spike Lee, Yankees GM Brian Cashman, boadcaster Jack Curry and even current Yankee Nick Swisher's wife Joanna Garcia.

So how does one make their way to the bleachers to join "Bald Vinny" and the gang?

"(Yankees) PR me in the afternoon and asked if they could come visit," Milano told me.  It's that easy I guess.

Suffice it to say...the "Bleacher Creatures" obliged.

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