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June 12, 2012

Report: Vlad Guerrero Pays Out $25K a Month in Child Support

When I read that Vladimir Guerrero has eight kids with five different women I was, well, I wasn't shocked.  But when I saw that dude is all "meh...whatever" about paying the child support, I took notice.

Allow me to explain.

According to the Thirty Mile Zone (and some legal documents), the former MVP shells out $25,621 a month in child support. 

Here's the breakdown:

Baby Mama #1 (1 kid): $5,237
Baby Mama #2 (1 kid): $3,214
Baby Mama #3 (2 kids):$1,655
Baby Mama #4 (2 kids): $3,465
Heidy as listed in the suit (2 kids): $12,050

But why is Guerrero not even sweating the details?  Apparently he socked away more than $25 million in stocks and bonds over his 16-year big league career.

Well, played, Vlad.  Well.  Played.  I mean about the money.  Not the kids and the baby mamas and the...well, nevermind.

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