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June 10, 2012

Royals Catcher Has a Bad Sense of Humor

Often times, when I see a person older than nine years old doing "rabbit ears" on someone in a picture, I'll wonder aloud (or to my self)..."wow, we're still doing that?"

And the answer is, "no, we shouldn't's kinda childish."

Which makes what Kansas City Royals catcher Humberto Quintero did Saturday to teammate Bruce Chen all the more childish, or, if you will...innappropriate.

As the story goes, Royals pitcher Bruce Chen, a native Panamanian of Chinese descent, was being interviewed by FOX announcers Kenny Albert and Tom Verducci when Quintero, a native of Venezuela, popped up behind him and made a "slanted eyes" gesture.

But, I guess it could have been worse.

You see, the Royals and the Pirates were both in throwback mode Saturday, but they weren't donning old Major Leagus unis.  They were wearing those of the Kansas City Monarchs and Homestead Grays...two of the greatest Negro League teams ever.

So, as bad as the "slanted eyes" gesture is/'s probably best that Quintero opted to go with that rather than bust out the shoe polish and stroll up to the plate in blackface.

***Tip o' the cap to Big League Stew for the image.***


Anonymous said...

Stop being so PC and get over it

Anonymous said...

Well, at least one of them speaks English, so we're good there.

Anonymous said...

It's funny... I'm sure they are good friends. Who cares.

Anonymous said...

Oh who cares. Tired of the media turning everything into a race issue

Anonymous said...

Now I see why the Astros traded him. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

duff said...

Some people have their panties just a little too tight.

Anonymous said...

BFD. Everyone is so fragile

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the same commentors that claim this is not a big deal would do if someone made racist gestures behind their backs. I'm an African-American male (and, yes, a proud Royals fan), and I'm appalled that no one seems to care.

~Tremaine Spruce

Anonymous said...

Well...I'm of irish decent but I'm an american...lots of things said about the irish. Your of african decent but your an american. I'm appalled and wonder how some tolerate chris rock's racial gestures?