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June 1, 2012

Soccer at Wrigley Field?

I'm not sure how the saying goes, but I'm pretty sure it isn't "soccer is as American as baseball and apple pie".

That is, unless, some soccer fans have their way.

It seems that a vocal fan has taken to Twitter (naturally) to turn the iconic Wrigley Field into a soccer field.  There's a "pitcher" and "pitch" reference in there somewhere...but I'm not the guy to make it.

Here's the, you guessed it (and pun intended)...pitch.

We all know that Wrigley Field is also known as the "Friendly Confines," and the US soccer teams are also known for hosting "friendly matches." This July, Italy's AS Roma and Poland's Zaglebie Lubin are coming to Wrigley to face off in a friendly match. I like how the US is supporting and welcoming soccer from a variety of different countries, but I would also like to see a US match played here as well.  

Better yet, we would all love it if the USWNT was to host the match. Ever since the Women's World Cup, many people across the nation have jumped on the USWNT fan bus. I mean, who wouldn't? They are ranked #1, sell out crowds left and right, and are even going to the 2012 Olympics this year in London.

I know this may be difficult to accomplish because of the Olympics, but I think we should all make the effort to at least have it concidered. So spread the word, sign the petition, and do whatever possible to try and make this happen! There's nothing better than more USWNT games!

So head on over (or not) and sign the Twitition and help turn the "Friendly Confines" into whatever it is that soccer fans would call it!

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