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July 22, 2012

Bert Blyleven Responds to Reggie

As Barry Larkin preps his speech for Sunday’s Hall of Fame induction, dozens of the game’s greats have already made their way to Cooperstown.

But one guy who won’t be there…Reggie Jackson.

Reportedly, Jackson has opted to stay away from the weekend's festivities...and it's probably for the best.  You see, "Mr. October" was pretty vocal a couple of weeks ago, blasting some of his fellow Hall members.

Among those included…2011 inductee Bert Blyleven.

“No. No, no, no, no,” Jackson said when asked if the pitcher belonged in the Hall of Fame. “Blyleven wasn’t even the dominant pitcher of his era, it was Jack Morris.”

So when the 287-game winner hit Cooperstown Saturday, he swung by the museum to make sure his plaque was still there.

“I wanted to make sure Reggie didn’t take it down or anything,’’ Blyleven responded.  “God gives us many holes in our body…and [Reggie] just spoke out of the wrong one.’’

Oh, in case you were wondering (you weren’t), Blyleven got the best of Jackson on the field as well.  In 140 plate appearances, the slugger hit just .214 with six homers and 49 strikeouts.


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Anonymous said...

if Byleven had pitched for better teams his numbers would have been greater. i always thought he was under rated. sorry to see Reggie Jackson denigrate him, but to each his own, and Reggie is honest in his comments, blasting his homeboy Rodriguez over steroid use. it is apparently lucky for Reggie he wasn't facing Byleven in October!