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July 11, 2012

Best Home Run Derby Ever? Absolutely

I think I need to apologize, but I'm still enamored with the home run derby, er, "hitting contest" that went down Tuesday night in Reading, Pennsylvania.

You saw the YouTube video Reading Phillies GM Scott Hunsicker made laying out exactly what the Baseballtown Home Run Derby and Autograph Session entails, right?  If you haven't, this thing was designed to have spectators on the field, mascots shagging flies and interns on trampolines and hanging from cranes.

Absolute craziness.

Thankfully, Hall contributor Ryan Petzar was there and snapped an array of pictures from Ground Zero.

And in a zany turn of events (and I'm not sure why it surprises me), the team's famed(?) "Crazy Hot Dog Vendor" even took some cuts in the batter's box.

But nothing, nothing I tell you, could have prepared me for Petzar's video of the event.  Oh, and I'm not sure I totally buy Hunsicker's description of what was going on.

It's like a "Norman Rockwell painting"?  Yeah, if the Saturday Evening Post was on acid.

Oh, in case you were wondering (you weren't), Chris Rahl, outfielder for the Harrisburg Senators, was crowned champion.

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Anonymous said...

This event looks like a GREAT event! MLB could take a lesson or two here....