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July 10, 2012

Best Home Run Derby Ever? Probably

You know that absolute apeshit crazy home run derby, er, "hitting contest" that was supposed to go down in Reading, Pennsylvania Tuesday night? did. 

And, by all accounts, it was awesome.

Good friend of The Hall (and future "HOVG Heroes" contributor), 97.3 ESPN Radio's own Ryan Petzar was there and live tweeted the festivities.  Pictures included!

That infield was on.

Intern on a crane?  Yup.

Our man @petzrawr himself even got up on the trampoline in leftfield.

And to get an idea of the atmosphere...below is video of the Reading Phillies' famed(?) "Crazy Hot Dog Vendor" in the batter's box.

***Hot Dog Vendor video stolen from Deadspin.***

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