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July 5, 2012

Bryce Harper Shows Off Team Pride

Is Bryce Harper becoming the kind of player who, regardless of what he says or does, people are going to make comments?

It sure looks that way and The Nats Blog is supporting my theory.

Driving down the streets of my hometown of Burke, Virginia this afternoon, a really nice car caught my eye. Nice cars aren't a rarity in the Virginia suburbs, but something about this one really got me interested. On this Mercedez-Benz AMG, the Benz logo had been replaced with a Washington Nationals Curly W. To the left of the logo read: BAM 34. The licence plates were from Nevada, and the brake pads had "34" painted on. This was no ordinary luxury vehicle. This was Bryce Harper's luxury vehicle. the whole thing just a touch douchey?  Probably.

But, is this kid full of team pride?  Absolutely.

And say what you want, it sure beats that monster truck dude was rolling in last summer.

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