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July 6, 2012

For Sale: Ex-Husband's Baseball Card Collection

Oh.  My.  God.

If you're a lover of baseball cards (Bo Rosny...are you paying attention?), you're going to want to head to eBay and check out this auction.

From what it appears, quite bluntly, a woman is selling her ex-husband's collection of unopened baseball card packs from 1986-1995.  All in all, she advertises to be selling the contents from more than 2700 cases of cards.

I could go on and on describing this thing. can just read the description on your own and decide whether or not you wanted to spend that $10 today on lunch or baseball cards.  Heck, it's worth checking out for the pictures alone.

And me?  I'm thinking about buying some for the gum alone.

***Thanks to @jimmytraina for the tweet.***


Steve78 said...

Ahh. My first reaction is this is a marketing ploy. This woman's "husband" didn't actually leave her. This "woman" isn't actually a woman.

And, thinking I'd seen this before, I Googled it. I didn't find the exact answer, but did find this guy,
He just mentioned the same lot. He also seems to believe these cards are worth something, as in monetary value. That's almost funnier than the husband story..

Bo said...

Yeah, just some guy looking to get rid of his junk wax. Not that this "wife" is in no rush to get rid of the whole thing at once - just selling 100 random packs at a time. Bet you 75 of the 100 will be 87 Topps or 88 Donruss.