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July 12, 2012

HOVG Heroes: Barry Bonds


Sixteen months ago, Barry Lamar Bonds was on trial for perjury and obstruction of justice.  Less than a month was over.

One guy who was there for the whole thing was California-based artist Norman Quebedeau who, surprisingly, couldn't care less about the seven-time National League MVP.

"I honestly don't have any thoughts about Barry Bonds since the trial. Trials concerning celebrity steroid use don't induce PTSD the way that a lengthy media-saturated murder trial can (not for this sensitive artist, at any rate)," Quebedeau said.  "From what little I know, Barry Bonds seems to have gone on with his life. He likes bikes. Good for him. I wonder if he knows Lance Armstrong."

Here are two of my favortites from Quebedeau's collection.  To check out the entire album (and I suggest you do), head on over to his website.

This is the defendant after he noticed me sketching him through binoculars from a few feet away.

Sorry about this lousy likeness of the defendant. The others are fairly "true-to-life". Trust me.


You can follow Norman Quebedeau's work over at his website or through his Facebook page.

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