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July 9, 2012

Omar Vizquel Blasts Airline on Twitter

People complain about airlines all the time.  Matter of fact, it's hard to go to a comedy club and not hear some hackneyed bit about flying.

But for a Major Leaguer to complain about the service...and for that Major Leaguer to be Omar Vizquel?  Something must've really happened to the mild mannered infielder for him to Hulk out on Twitter Sunday night.

That, or he learned a little something something after spending two seasons in Chicago with Ozzie Guillen.

The "whole world" Omar?  Really?!?

Now, I'm not going to doubt the Toronto Blue Jays infielder as dude will fly more in the next two months than I have in my entire life...but, man, that's harsh.

My guess is that this all stems from the future Hall of Famer's love affair with marsupials.  Thoughts?

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