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July 2, 2012

Ron Paul...Hall of Famer

At first glance, you might assume that presidential candidate Ron Paul and retired Major Leaguer Barry Bonds have nothing in common.

Fact is, they do.

Much like Bonds, the Texas Republican is a home run champ.  But, unfortunately, unlike Bonds, the Congressman is a Hall of Famer, while the big league home run king might not get anywhere near enshrinement.

Allow me to explain.

This past week, Paul was announced as the lone inductee into the CQ Roll Call Congressional Baseball Hall of Fame.  And the cool's based on one singular legendary performance.

According to the website, during the 1979 contest, Paul crushed a pitch from then-Representative Ron Mottl that cleared the leftfield wall just to the right of the 310-foot mark in Alexandria’s Four Mile Run Park.  He is believed to be the first (and only) person to hit one out of the park during a Congressional Baseball Game.

During his seven-game Congressional career, the scrappy Paul (can 5'10" be considered "scrappy"?) had a .294 batting average, scored six runs, knocked in six and, of course, had that mythic home run.

Believe it or not!

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