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August 30, 2012

Giants Plan Bruce Lee Tribute Night

There are some baseball giveaways that tie-in incredibly well with the team that takes the field.  Conversely, there are some baseball giveaways out there that make no sense whatsoever.

The San Francisco Giants marketing team has found a way to blend both ideas seamlessly...and the output is consistently superb.

Over the past couple of seasons, they've managed to capitalize on Brian Wilson's immense popularity and both encase him in carbonite and turn him into a garden gnome.  On September 4, they are planning on immortalizing another Bay Area icon...San Francisco-born Bruce Lee.

Yes, THAT Bruce Lee.

When the Giants take the field Tuesday against the Arizona Diamondbacks they'll be celebrating the "Year of the Dragon" by paying tribute to the original dragon.  Great seats are, more than likely, still available.

Now please, please, please watch the video below.  Wow.

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