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August 7, 2012

John Rocker is at it Again...Again

Jeff Pearlman, one of my favorite scribes, got it right Tuesday afternoon when he succinctly stated "John Rocker really was misunderstood...he's even worse than we thought."

Pearlman, you might remember, was the Sports Illustrated writer who, in 1999, exposed the former pitcher as a world class bigot.

Most recently, the one-time Atlanta Brave wrote book, made questionable political choices, expressed his disdain for President Obama and, on Tuesday, penned an editorial that was picked up online by the white nationalist American Third Position Party.

Here's some of fun from Rocker's piece entitled "Time to Wake Up, America!"

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it! This country was not founded and did not rise to become the greatest nation this world has ever known on the back of liberal principles, yet these ideals are forced down our throats daily while conservative ones are exploited as somehow rudimentary and fundamentally archaic.


For the full enchilada...head on over to A3P's website.  Have fun.

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Anonymous said...

He makes a good point.