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August 29, 2012

Surf's Up, Chipper!

I mentioned it before and I'm going to say to it again...when I heard that Chipper Jones was retiring, I was worried that he'd be subjected to the hackneyed "farewell tour" gifts every time he came to town.

And, well, thanks to the San Diego Padres...I was justified.

Earlier this week, former Padres great, closer Trevor Hoffman, presented Jones with his very own, what appears to be, Teen Choice Award.  Sure, the retiring Atlanta Braves great probably doesn't surf, but still...a surfboard?  Yuck.

You can check out a breakdown of some of the other gifts Jones received over at Big League Stew.

Naturally, I had to check in with "The Girl with the Chipper Tattoo" to see what her favorite was and what she would do to honor her hero.

I'm with Megan...I don't know what I would give him either.  Rumor has it, however, that the Boston Red Sox were offering up John Lackey, Mike Aviles and $10 million had the eight-time All-Star made his way to Fenway one last time. 



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