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September 19, 2012

Five Baseball Players Who Should Have Their Own Reality Show

After dozens of athletes from the NBA, NFL, auto racing, the Olympics and the like making the rounds on primetime reality programming, it's about time Major League Baseball (and someone NOT named Jose Canseco) got some play in the reality show genre.

As you know by now, when the latest installment of "Survivor" premieres on CBS Wednesday night, former National League MVP Jeff Kent will be in the fold.

His involvement has been covered enough (HERE and HERE for example), so, now that the door has been opened to the baseball world...why not specualte as to who else might make a great addition to a reality show.  And who better to do it than friend of The Hall (and one of TV's greatest reality show villains), Jonny Fairplay?
Fairplay on John Kruk:  "He's not as big as he was, but he's not that small either."

Fairplay on Roger Clemens:  "I'm still not buying it and I know LIARS!"
Fairplay on Goose Gossage:  "What are they going to do with that mustache?"
Fairplay on Doc Gooden:  "Nevermind. Been there, done that."
Fairplay on Dale Murphy:  "The most famous Mormon baseball player and my personal favorite player ever. Do all Mormons get multiple wives? If so, sign me up!"
Who do you think should have a show?  Let us know in the comments below!  And feel free to follow all the antics and exploits of two-time "Survivor" contestant Jonny Fairplay on Twitter at @jonnyfairplay.

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