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September 18, 2012

Live From New's Chipper Jones!

In 37 seasons on the air, "Saturday Night Live" has had 35 sports figures host the show.  And of those 35, only five (Bob Uecker, Billy Martin, George Steinbrenner, Deion Sanders and Derek Jeter) have had any sort of baseball pedigree.

Our friends over at the MLB Fan Cave want to change that and they think they have the right host in mind.

So before you think the idea of making a campaign-style video (shown below) to get Chipper Jones to host the show is unfounded...all the Cave Dwellers are doing is responding to a post that popped up on the SNL Backstage Blog.

Incidentally, Jeter is the only everyday player that has hosted the show (Sanders was more of a full-time cornerback when he had the duties) and that was back in December 2001!

So why Chipper? Why not?!? 

Basketball star Charles Barkley has taken the reigns of the show three times and, well, let's just say that Jones probably couldn't do worse. 

But let's not kid ourselves, if Jones gets the hosting gig, it'll only be the second biggest honor the Big Apple can bestow upon the future Hall of Famer.

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