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October 31, 2012

Mini Josh Hamilton is Awesome

Happy Halloween!  Alright, now that that is out of the way...I'm a sucker for stuff like this.  Especially when you include eye black and tattoos.

And, much like Lil' Cutch...the Texas Rangers All-Star even re-tweeted the picture to his followers.  Pretty sweet.

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Bruce Bochy's Ride Ran Out of Gas

It's probably a good thing that the San Francisco Giants themselves never ran out of gas.  Am I right?

Yeah, yeah, I know...but, seriously, gang, what else can you say about a car running out of gas during a World Serie parade?

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***UPDATED:  Now with video!***

Dallas Braden is Confident

It's interesting how one game can change your whole career.

Prior to throwing an incredibly memorable perfect game back in 2010, Dallas Braden was known as an average (at best) Major Leaguer.  And since, well, it isn't like he's done any better.  Through five big league seasons, dude is 26-36 with a 4.16 ERA.

But, back to that perfect game.  It's that one achievement that makes the Oakland Athletics parting ways with the lefty newsworthy.

Thankfully, the 29-year-old is keeping everything in perspective.

The Michael Rappaport lookalike should be cleared to throw in late November...he hasn't pitched in a game since April 16, 2011.

Hunter Pence Cracks Up Conan

San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence was labeled as plenty of things this inspirational leader, the lead singer from Spin Doctors and, of course, a crazy eyed meme generator.

But if his recent appeance on Conan is any indication...dude is also pretty funny.

What a difference a World Series makes, huh?  Last week at this time, the 29-year-old Pence looked like a grizzled mountain man and now, well, he's clean shaven and recommending Katy Perry.

October 30, 2012

New Astros Logo Leaked...Again

Okay.  This is just getting silly.

Last week, a few outlets (including a sporting goods store and the Toops card company) inadvertently revealed the new Houston Astros logo and color scheme.  Sure, it's not a huge deal, but given the team is trying to keep it a secret until their unveiling November kinda sucks.

Now, has decided to beat the 'stros to the punch. 

Yup...Major League Baseball has now leaked (if you can even call it that any longer) the new Astros logo.  Matter of fact, they've re-designed all the player pages to reflect the new gear.

And the cause of all this?  Hurricane Sandy.

Something tells me that if this was the New York Yankees...this never would have happened.  Then again, they're probably thinking no one is checking out J.B. Shuck's stats on October 30.

And another thing, why not take the opportunity to enjoy the Astros in many of their technicolor dreamcoat uniforms.  Head on over to The Hall of Very Good's facebook page, like the page and you'll be eligible to win the Houston Astros 50th Anniversary DVDs.

October 29, 2012

Jays and Rockies Talking to Matt Williams

With former manager John Farrell shipping up, er, down to Boston, it appears the Toronto Blue Jays already have their sights set on a new skipper.

According to Fox Sports Arizona's Jack Magruder, the Jays are one of two teams (the Colorado Rockies are the other) that has expressed interest in the Arizona Diamondbacks' third base coach Matt Williams.  It's believed that Williams, who is currently managing in the Arizona Fall League, talked with the Rockies last week.

"You jump at the opportunity," Williams told Magruder. "(Managing) is what I want to do. There may be an opportunity one day. There are not many of them. You want to be prepared if it does happen."

The five-time All-Star put up solid numbers during his 17-year career, collecting 378 home runs and a career .268 batting average. "The Carson Crusher" won a World Series ring in 2001 while with the Diamondbacks.

Giants World Series Sweep Gets Animated!

It's a good thing that Pablo Sandoval got the World Series MVP or else the team at Next Media Animation would have had a re-write on their hands.

Just hours after the San Francisco Giants completed their sweep of the Detroit Tigers, the video of Sandoval, er, a giant panda literally sawing off the head of a tiger while Sergio Romo is cheering him on hit the interwebs.

Now, I might be going out on a limb here...but that might be my favorite four seconds of Taiwanese video history.

Bartolo Colon Takes Liner to the Face

Bartolo Colon took a liner to the face while pitching Sunday and, well, there's really nothing more to say about this than...ouch.

Thankfully, he was able to walk himself off the field to the rousing combination of cheers and zuzuvelas.

Colon is currently pitching in the Dominican Republic after having his 2012 campaign cut short following a failed drug test while with the Oakland Athletics.

There's no indication whether or not the 2005 American League Cy Young award winner, who turns 40 in May, will be attempting any sort of comeback in 2013.  For his career, he is 171-122 with a 4.05 ERA.

October 27, 2012

Ichiro Hoping to Don Pinstripes in 2013

Immediately following their collapse in the ALCS, speculation was that the New York Yankees were planning on blowing up the team and starting anew.

Now, it's too early to know if the Yankees are going to do that or not, but acording to a New York Post report, one veteran is hoping to return to the Bronx Bombers.

Ichiro Suzuki has been telling those close to him that "he so enjoyed playing in a professional, winning atmosphere with so many contemporaries near his age range" and that a one-year deal, perhaps with an option, in the $5 million-to-$8 million range might be enough to keep him in pinstripes.

You'll remember, the Japanese superstar was sent to the Big Apple from the Seattle Mariners back in July.  In 67 games with the Yankees, he hit .322 while spending time at all three outfielder positions.

The 39-year-old 2001 American League MVP is a free agent and will enter 2013 fourth on the active hits list with 2606.

October 26, 2012

Meet the New 'stros, Same as the Old 'stros

Save the date, gang...the Houston Astros are unveiling their new logo November 2!

That is, of course, assuming you haven't already seen the newly improved retro logo courtesy of Toppsat the local sporting goods store or, well, by the team itself.

Man.  What did we do before the internet?

Panda's Third Homer Costly to Fan

When Pablo Sandoval hit his third home run in Game One of the World Series the other night, he became just the fourth player in history to pull off the feat.

The woman who ended up with the ball...well, she's got an entirely different, one-of-a-kind story.

Giants fan Dawn Price says she was sitting in the outfield bleachers when the San Francisco slugger went yard for the third time, then, as the ball went over the fence, she fell over the bleachers into an area behind the center field fence.

“When I tried to get the ball, I went down over the railing,” Price said.

Or so she claims.

After retrieving the ball, Price says she put the ball in her pants and tried to climb back to her seat.  But, it was then when she was hauled off by AT&T Park security and arrested for trespassing since, well, they're not buying the claim she fell.

"It’s possible," Officer Gordon Shyy of the San Francisco Police Department said, "but it’s a pretty steep fall."

According to Shyy, the ball has since been recovered by the team.  But, as it turns out, Price said she would have given the ball back to Sandoval anyway.

That said, trespassing or not, I'm not sure giving the ball back to Sandoval is Price's best option.

You see, this past May, famed memorabilia collector Seth Swirsky sold Reggie Jackson's third home run ball from the 1977 Series for, wait for it, a cool $65,725.


October 25, 2012

St. Louis Mayor Takes Issue with Fans

For some reason, St. Louis Cardinals fans are known as being the best in the world.  I'm not sure how the voting shook out, but if @BestFansStLouis is any indication...there needs to be a re-count.

By now, you've seen what the Twitter account is all about, right? 

Basically, as Deadspin put it, "one brave soul is keeping tabs on the temporary insanity for us and retweeting all the troubled Cardinals fans"...and it is glorious.  I learned more than I could've ever imagined about the city of San Francisco and its inhabitants during the NLCS.

Enter St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay.

That's right, the Mayor of St. Louis has gotten involved.  Kinda.  Slay didn't tell the "fans" to stop with the hate speech...he, well, basically said "that's not how Cardinal Nation thinks" even though, apparently, some of it does.

Come on, man, flex your internet muscles and take these tweeters to task like WREG in Memphis did.

Wait, hold on...did that story really include a soundbite from a guy who actually defends the actions of the St. Louis fans by saying "Come on. They’re from San Francisco. What are we supposed to say?" 

And, did it, basically, report that they, the station, is upset because Giants pitcher Matt Cain went to high school in, gasp, nearby Germantown, Tennessee? 

Wow.  Nevermind.

Tweet what you want, Cardinals fans, apparently no one is going to tell you to shut're the best in the world.

Happy Halloween from Lil' Cutch!

With Halloween around the corner and the Texas Rangers not playing in the World Series, it's clear we're being deprived of one thing.

Little Ron Washington.

Yeah, remember two years ago when then-seven-year-old Liam Roybal from Keller, Texas dressed up as the Rangers skipper and lit up the blogosphere like wildfire?

Well, I'm proud to announce, someone has stepped up to take his place.  Introducing..."Lil' Cutch".

Sure, Andrew McCutchen and the Pittsburgh Pirates aren't in the World Series either, but, c'mon...that kid is adorable.  And, kudos to the parents allowing their kid to go with the full-on dread look.  I mean, one assumes that the kid didn't hit up The Dread Queen for his extensions, right?

The coolest part of this whole thing (outside of the dreads, obviously), is that the Pirates All-Star actually retweeted the picture to his 110,000-plus fans.

October 23, 2012

Hall of Famer Busted for DUI

Thirty-seven years after an epic home run that sent his Boston Red Sox to a Game Seven against the eventual World Series champion Cincinnati Reds, we're still talking about Carlton Fisk.

Well...I guess.

The former catcher was arrested and charged with a DUI on Monday night in Illinois after driving his truck into a cornfield. New Lenox police say officers found Fisk asleep behind the wheel of his truck and an open liquor bottle on the floor.

"Around 7:20 (Monday) night, we received a couple of calls about a vehicle in a field," Deputy Chief Bob Pawlisz said. "When officers went over there, they found Mr. Fisk unconscious behind the wheel."

Fisk was placed under arrest on the scene on suspicion of DUI and taken to a nearby hospital for a check-up and was released from custody after posting bail. 

The Thirty Mile Zone reported that he refused a blood alcohol test. His car was impounded.

Fisk played 11 seasons with the Red Sox and 13 with the Chicago White Sox and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2000. He has an unlisted number in New Lenox and couldn't be reached for comment.

The 64-year-old Fisk is scheduled to appear in the Will County Courthouse on November 29.

Carlton Fisk

Ozzie Guillen is Out in Miami

When Ozzie Guillen took the reigns of the Miami Marlins a year ago, who'd have thunk it would've lasted, well, a year?

Sure, we all kinda predicted the controversy, but it did seem like a match made in some glorious, technicolor heaven.  But, alas, the new stadium, name and unis were all a mirage.

According to reports, the Marlins have parted ways with the outspoken skipper.

"After careful consideration following the disappointment of the 2012 season, we decided to dismiss Ozzie," said Marlins Prez Larry Beinfast.  "Our hope is that a new manager, along with roster improvements, will restore a winning culture."

You know, that winning culture that has produced six seasons with a better than .500 record (the over hyped 2012 version finished a dismal 69-93) in twenty years of existence.

Well, Ozzie, tonight...the Jell-O tonight is on us, brother.

Brian Wilson: "Beasts Will Rise"

So, you're covering the now-National League Champion San Francisco Giants and you're looking for perspective on the postseason and upcoming World Series...who do you circle?

The reliever with a 9.00 ERA that hasn't thrown a pitch since April 12, right?

Probably not.  But when the cat described is closer Brian absolutely do.

Since their championship run two years ago, Wilson (and his beard) have become quite the mouthpiece for the Giants.  And last night's postgame interview with San Francisco's KGO-TV was no different.

Oh, and the question NOT answered, what do you suppose a wet, sweaty Brian Wilson smells like?

October 22, 2012

Is A-Rod Back with The Diva?

Now that the World Series matchup is set, it's time to get back to the real business at hand.

What's the latest with Alex Rodriguez and those chicks he was hitting on during the ALCS?

Well, apparently, nothing. 

According to the Thirty Mile Zone the New York Yankees slugger hit the sidewalks of Miami with his gal pal Torrie Wilson.  No word as to whether or not "A-Rod" is back with the former WWE diva, but if the matching "his and hers aviator sunglasses" are any indication they, well, nevermind.

Yes, I realize I threw "gal pal" out there for all of you to read.

And, yes, I also realize that, once again, I went against my promise to NOT talk about these two.


The Beginning of the End for Matt Kemp?

For the love of Vin Scully...I hope this is just a rumor.

After running into him at a Los Angeles Clippers preseason game, show business pariah Kris Jenner is looking to add a pretty heavy hitter to her stable of clients...Los Angeles Dodgers superstar Matt Kemp.

Yup, according to Terez Owens, Jenner has taken a shine to the outfielder and wants to manage his "off the field career".

"Kris sees Matt as a huge star off the field. She believes she can take him to the next level of endorsement deals," reports the sports gossip website.  "Kris is giving her best sales pitch to Kemp, and also looking to add more athletes to her roster in 2013 with him as the centerpiece."

Yup, because we all saw how well that worked for Lamar Odom.