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October 21, 2012

Comedian Visits Tigers...Hilarity Does Not Ensue

When George Lopez was dismissed from TBS last year prior to the Major League playoffs, I kinda figured we'd be void of the comedian this postseason as well.

I was wrong.

The former late night funnyman (and I use that term loosely), visited the World Series-bound Detroit Tigers Saturday and brought the, well, he brought his brand of comedy.

Dude even tried out some new material on MVP candidate Miguel Cabrera.

"I told him that a Latino winning the Triple Crown is as impressive as having a black president or potentially an orange one...and he started laughing," Lopez told reporters.  "Great guy. Great sense of humor."

At least his jokes were relatively timely.  I heard that "Tonght Show" host Jay Leno stopped by the Texas Rangers clubhouse last season and showered them with Monica Lewinsky anecdotes.

Alright, that last part might not be true.

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