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October 30, 2012

New Astros Logo Leaked...Again

Okay.  This is just getting silly.

Last week, a few outlets (including a sporting goods store and the Toops card company) inadvertently revealed the new Houston Astros logo and color scheme.  Sure, it's not a huge deal, but given the team is trying to keep it a secret until their unveiling November kinda sucks.

Now, has decided to beat the 'stros to the punch. 

Yup...Major League Baseball has now leaked (if you can even call it that any longer) the new Astros logo.  Matter of fact, they've re-designed all the player pages to reflect the new gear.

And the cause of all this?  Hurricane Sandy.

Something tells me that if this was the New York Yankees...this never would have happened.  Then again, they're probably thinking no one is checking out J.B. Shuck's stats on October 30.

And another thing, why not take the opportunity to enjoy the Astros in many of their technicolor dreamcoat uniforms.  Head on over to The Hall of Very Good's facebook page, like the page and you'll be eligible to win the Houston Astros 50th Anniversary DVDs.

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