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October 19, 2012

Pete Rose Comments on Derek Jeter's Postseason Milestone

This past weekend, before he shattered his ankle (and the hearts of New York Yankees fans), Derek Jeter collected his 200th postseason hit.

And since you can't seem to mention a Jeter hit milestone without comparing him to Pete Rose nowadays...I decided to reach out to "The Hit King" and see what he thought.

Unfortunately, his response was not all that shocking.

"Jeter has had the opportunity to play in a lot more playoff games than players of my era due to playoff expansion," Rose told The Hall exclusively. "I'd expect a Yankee to hold that record."

If you're curious (you're not), Rose made the postseason eight times. Jeter...sixteen.

So, assuming players of Rose's era had the benefit of an extra round of playoffs, would any of them even come remotely close to Jeter's 158 postseason games and 734 plate appearances? Probably not.

Even a guy like Reggie Jackson and his eleven postseason appearances, would be looking at, at best, an extra 50 games if he had an extra round of playoffs. And if you add in those 50 extra games, 127 playoff contests for "Mr. October" would be no match for the current Yankees captain.


Anonymous said...

Be careful for what you wish for. There is no doubt that if the playoffs were set up the way they are now Pete would have a lot more post season hits, but he does have one record no one will ever touch. Jeter is a great ball player. He didnt play against the players of the 60s 70s or 80s. He should be thankful for that.

Danny said...

Jeter is good, But Pete Rose is the greastest baseball player ever!