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October 22, 2012

The Beginning of the End for Matt Kemp?

For the love of Vin Scully...I hope this is just a rumor.

After running into him at a Los Angeles Clippers preseason game, show business pariah Kris Jenner is looking to add a pretty heavy hitter to her stable of clients...Los Angeles Dodgers superstar Matt Kemp.

Yup, according to Terez Owens, Jenner has taken a shine to the outfielder and wants to manage his "off the field career".

"Kris sees Matt as a huge star off the field. She believes she can take him to the next level of endorsement deals," reports the sports gossip website.  "Kris is giving her best sales pitch to Kemp, and also looking to add more athletes to her roster in 2013 with him as the centerpiece."

Yup, because we all saw how well that worked for Lamar Odom.

1 comment:

Allen McCabe said...

There's a Roger Dorn joke to be had here somewhere.