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October 8, 2012

The Ladies Still Love Bryce Harper

So, the Washington Nationals are knotted up in their series against the St. Louis Cardinals and teen wunderkind Bryce Harper is batting a robust .100 (1-for-10, with six strikeouts) so far in his inaugural postseason.

But who cares about numbers, right? 

Regardless if he's batting his weight, your weight, a pre-teen girl's weight or staring down Hall of Fame reporters in the clubhouse, one thing is for certain...the ladies love them some Bryce.

And they took to Twitter to show it.

@KD_Swagg: Bryce Harper is seriously the guy of my dreams
@LivvMahonXO: Bryce Harper is hotter than mike trout #noquestion
@LoniiiS: Bryce Harper is some kinda sexy though #forreal
@natasha1hampton: Watching the Nationals game, I finally get to see my man! Bryce Harper you are sooo sexy, be mine
@LaVivaaSarah: I love the Cardinals but Bryce Harper is so HOT!! #bewithme #baseballcrush
@abrookiee: I will defend Bryce Harper with everything I have.
@coraestern: well...dammit. it's okay, bryce harper, I'll comfort you ;)
And not to be outdone, wrestling legend The Iron Sheik got into the act.

Sure, the WWE Hall of Famer was commenting on the 19-year-old's eyeblack (the Alice Cooper wannabe ditched the warpaint mid-game) and not his sex appeal, but, c' many times do I get to embed a tweet from The Iron Sheik?

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