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November 2, 2012

Aubrey Huff and Hulk Hogan are Bang Brothers?

Once word started circling that the chick Hulk Hogan bedded in that sex tape (don't all watched it, too) had possibly made more sex tapes with other athletes and celebrities, the baseball blogosphere held its collective breath waiting for someone with Major League ties to be named.

And then, like a drippy, old faucet, the names started leaking and the only name we got was, wait for it...Aubrey Huff.

But, it does make sense.

According to Hogan, he tagged Heather Clem "six years ago" or, in baseball terms, right around the time Huff was dealt by the Rays to the Houston Astros. Overall, the utilityman played seven season in Tampa, hitting .287 and belting 128 home runs...both good for third all-time in team history.

That aside, I think it's pretty safe to say that there must not have been that many high profile members of the Tampa Bay Rays when Clem decided to turn on the video camera and record her, um, sexcapades.

I mean, c'mon...Aubrey Huff?  Granted, dude had some good years in Tampa, but this was still years before we had all heard of the rally thong.

Now, it's just a rumor and, honestly, who cares who Huff is or isn't having sex with. I'm just hoping that dude, if he got with Clem, did it prior to marrying his future ex-wife Baubi (yep, that's the former Mrs. Huff's name) in January 2007.

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