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November 16, 2012

Chipper Jones...Conspiracy Theorist

Even now and then, I forget what it is that I love about the internet.  Then, well, and then Chipper Jones goes and watches a movie from more than 20 years ago. 

And tweets about it.

Sure, I realize I'm late to the game on this one, but Wednesday night, the eight-time All-Star sat down and watched "JFK" on  REELZ and decided to voice his displeasure with, of all things, the findings of the Warren Commission.

Alright, here's the thing.  I can't disagree with the guy.  But what I love about this is the complete random nature that all of this popped up on Twitter.

I mean, there's Chipper Jones, deep in the wild at the Double Dime Ranch watching basic cable and deciding his 200,000-plus followers needed to know his JFK conspiracy theories.

Now, if only dude can uncover the truth about the 2012 American League MVP voting.  Am I right?


Anonymous said...

Chipper may be late to the party, but he has been a little busy the last 20 years. And, he's absolutely right. How anyone can believe the last shot came from the Book Depository is beyond me.

DonaldPaul Hart said...

thank god it's not beyond the expertise of ballistic experts who know how bullets from high powered sniper rifles travel when said weapons are operated by an ex U.S. Marine marksman at what was for him, point blank range.

Anyone silly enough to still buy this nonsense need to read the Gerald Posner book, a factual, not imaginary account of things, and called, appropriately, "Case Closed".

When you eliminate the factual, whatever is left, however inconsequential, must be......retarded.

DonaldPaul Hart said...


Anonymous said...

anyone who has been a military sniper will tell you the followingg: to guarantee a hit 100% you would have to triangulate the fire. most likely spots in order of highest probability of a kill shot, 1) grassy knoll, 2) book building & 3) high rise across the road from the book depository. odds from the knoll, target coming towards you 95-97%, book depository retreating target 80-87% & high rise 65-75%. also the film proved three shots were fired as there is no way a manlicker carano rifle could be fired that fast there had to be two shooters minimum. best guess, grassy knoll and book deository. head shot from knoll, gov. connoly from book depository.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad. Science is beyond a lot of people.

A Mick C said...

Awesome....just awesome.