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November 7, 2012

Jeff Kent Booted from "Survivor"

When it was initially leaked that former big leaguer Jeff Kent was going to be competing on "Survivor" Philippines", conventional wisdom was that there would be no way any of the other 17 contestants would let the millionaire take home the million dollar prize.

But, fortunately for the 2000 National League MVP, his team was winning challenges and dude was becoming a major player in the game.

Heck, he became such a force that Katie Hanson, whom he helped vote out of the game complimented him during her exit interview.
"Jeff Kent was playing the game from the get go. He knew the right people he wanted to align with," the former Miss Delaware told Hall contributor Gordon Holmes. "He was, in my opinion, the dominant male force on our tribe."

Even friend of The Hall Albert Destrade, who placed third two seasons ago had an opinion.
"Jeff Kent's stubborn inflexible "returner's can't win" agenda was ultimately his undoing. If he aligns with Skupin and RC the previous week, he probably wins the season," the former college baseball player said. "A perfect example if why you only make decisions if they inherently improve your chances of winning."

Then, well, during Wednesday night's episode, the future Hall of Famer was sent packing...and if the Twittersphere is any indication, fans of the show weren't really upset to see him go.

Fittingly, Kent, who no doubt voted Republican on Tuesday, left with some harsh words toward no, not his fellow castaways...but Barack Obama.

"It's not even a freakin' million bucks, it's only about 600,000 after Obama takes it all," Kent said.  "This just sucks."

I guess when you've already got several million (he claims $60 million) in the bank, it's alright to be a little red-assed...especially when you finish tenth.

Here's Jeff Kent getting the boot. 



Anonymous said...

u idiots, what about people who haven't seen the ep yet. Ever hear of a spoiler alert? u bunch of dummies!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, whats so idiotic about Jeff's 'Obama' comment is whatever tax base is set for the million is the Bush tax rate which has never been lifted. Just goes to show you rich doesnt buy you brains. said...

You people need a life!!!