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December 27, 2012

Hunter Pence Flips Out

Hunter Pence was wasted in Houston.

Hear me out.

When you look at the stat line, the outfielder was pretty darn good during his five-year tenure with the Astros, but that's not what I'm talking about...dude was just a name.  We knew precious little about him. 

And in a game where character matters...he was wasted.

Seriously, think about it. Jeff Bagwell is only getting about half the attention of the Hall of Famers voters because of, well, PED uncertainty and where he played. This year, it's possible Craig Biggio and his 3000-plus hits might suffer the same fate. Both are more than qualified for Cooperstown, but both are being seemingly ignored, because, I'd contend, we know little about them.

So, yeah, I'm not about to put Pence on the same level as either one of the "Killer Bs" wasn't until recently that we have been able to crack the nut that is Hunter Pence.

First, there was the chatter about his inspirational speeches during the Playoffs.

Then, it was his appearance on "Conan".

And, most recently, the end credit roll from the San Francisco Giants World Series DVD.

But, now...well, now there's this.

Over at, there's a video of Pence apparently celebrating Ozzie Smith's 58th birthday Wednesday by doing, you guessed it, an Ozzie-style backflip. But what is most impressive is this..."The Wizard" came in at 5'11" (many say shorter) and 150 pounds.

Pence is 6'4" and listed at 220.

I'll embed the video when I can, but until then...CHECK IT OUT HERE.

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